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James VanOsdol - HOST
James is a
a Chicago radio “personality" and professional author (”Chicago Rocked: An Oral History of Chicago Music in the 1990s”–coming in August, 2007!) who consumes unhealthy amounts of music, books, comics, magazines, movies, television, and dairy products.

Patrick Brower - Executive Producer
Patrick is a regular on-mic contributor to “Stun,” as well as the Executive Producer.  What is Patrick all about?  Is he as hunky in real life as he sounds on the air?  I asked him to provide a bio for the “Stun” site.  This is what I got:
Patrick Brower is a decadent promoter of cheap, crude, poorly drawn, semi-literate, kiddie fare.  He occasionally whacks ink-stained 2×4’s over comic book pencils and used to know what it’s like to rock out on a metal stage.  And he watches pro wrestling.  Also, he stole the opening line from Scott McCloud.

Jaime Black - Correspondant
The sole survivor of a dying suburb, Jaime Black was shipped off to the teeming metropolis of Chicago, where he realized he possessed interning abilities beyond those of normal teens. He soon realized that with great power to overlook not being paid came great re-hire-ability. In the time since his arrival on the scene, Jaime Black has served on countless teams, including The Metro, The Onion, and, most notably, Q101 (WKQX-FM in Chicago) and the “Local 101″ radio show. He stands, or at least aims for, some level of truth, justice, and the Chicago way– mainly in that John Cusack ‘vaguely lovelorn and somewhat mopey for no real reason’ kind of way. ‘Cause that’s how Chicago does.









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